Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Love Day! My husband of 2 years and I didn't do anything exciting for the "holiday"! We grilled some chicken and I tried to make a chocolate chip chocolate chips sunk to the bottom...argh! (It tasted fine thank goodness) We watched "Chicken Little" and just spent some quality time together! Lately I've been spending so much time either on my computer doing scrapbooky things or actually scrapbooking and feel like I haven't spent as much time with him, so today's been great! Speaking of which, he's waiting for me down on the couch...see ya soon!!!

Here are a few cards I made for my February Guest Design Team appearance...with the amazing FLIRT! line that I highlighted in my previous post. (The kit is availabe at under $2.00 retail for the glittered paper the kit's a great deal!) I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the French Kitchen line...although I completely love it I don't have room in my kitchen for anything else, nor do I scrapbook recipes. I already have a recipe book and box, so I'm thinking about making a clock (I actually got the idea in Reminisce's gallery at If nothing else, the blacks, whites, and reds can be so multipurpose as there are several of them that aren't necessarily kitchen related - but I LOVE the cute stickers! I'll post pics here of whatever I end up doing!

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