Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Normal day...

A day in my life usually looks like this:

6:45 am - Get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, & hopefully remember lunch on my way out the door

7:15 am - Need to be out of the house to arrive at work on time

7:30 am - Required to be at school, getting ready to teach those eager young minds

7:45 am - School day begins, classes all day with one 83 min plan period and a 30 min lunch

2:40 pm - School day ends

3:00 pm - Allowed to leave school for the day, typically stay to do more planning, grading papers, tutoring students

5 - 6:00 pm - Time I typically leave school, arrive home 15 min later (unless I stop by Hobby Lobby or Michaels to buy scrapbooking supplies or Walmart for groceries)

5:30 - 7:00 pm - My husband and I eat between these hours (tonight it was just after 7 - homemade cheesy potato soup...yum!)

Rest of evening - Watch TV, play Wii with my hubby, scrapbook, get in touch with friends, read, clean, etc.

NEXT DAY...begin again!

***I have always wanted to scrap one of the "day in the life of me" pages so maybe with this journaling I'll be motivated/not forget to do so!

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