Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Celeb-Blogger Anxiety at Convention!

So probably one of the highlights of convention was getting photos with 3 of the 5 bloggers that I HAVE to look at everyday!

So first of all I have to tell my Kristina Werner story...

I LOVE Kristina Werner! Her creations, her personality...she's just too fun! Anyway I had the thought that she might be at Convention since she's an SU! employee but when I saw it posted on her blog that she was excited to take photos with us I was just hoping for the opportunity.

I know I totally sound like a stalker now...but I just think that she is FABULOUS! So I was running through the convention main hallway on my way to my hotel on Wednesday (check in day, Riverton tours, and of course the SCS dinner) and I saw her taking photos - I even said to my upline (who I was on the phone with at the time) "I just saw Kristina Werner!!!". I think I had to repeat myself because I may have been screeching it...hahaha :) but my swap was coming up in no time so I could not stop.

Fast forward to Friday, my 26th birthday - I was walking in about the same area and just thought darn wouldn't it be a great birthday present if I could take a picture with and meet Kristina Werner? So I keep walking and guess who I see? It was perfect birthday karma!

There was another lady getting her picture taken with Kristina and chatting with her and as I stood there I just got more and more nervous. I'm such a total dork around anyone I don't know. So I finally get up there and stick my hand out and say "Hi I'm Sarah" oh and wait for it...my favorite part - Kristina says to put that thing away and hugs me. She's just as warm in person as any avid lover of her blog would think! I just hope that both of us are at convention next year and I don't spaz out again! My new Canadian friend Amber took the photo and began conversing with Kristina about the P.F. Chang's phone number (Kristina looked it up for her) and about local scrapbooking stores. I just stood there...although I vaguely remember saying something like "I'm the girl who emailed you asking for names of great local scrapbooking stores"...could I be a bigger dork?

I'm sitting here laughing right now because this is so funny to recall. Oh and I'm thinking that Kristina will probably read this and agree that I'm a total nerd...

Ok onto my other 2 favorite bloggers...

I have another story about this one...I was going to my upline group meeting (SWAS Ink.) and as we're driving I said something about a great video I had watched on Angie Juda's Chic n' Scratch blog. My lovely upline Beth says "You know she's going to be there today right?" I said "Why?" and Beth says "She's in our group too"...

So again I was a total dork the first time I met her...I'm pretty sure I said something super eloquent like "Hi, I read your blog everyday" Anyway, thank goodness Angie's super nice as I occasionally have to email her with questions (ps if you don't have her Chic Stand for your paper piercer you've got to get it - wonderful for traveling) and of course look forward to seeing her at group meetings and CONVENTION!!!

So I randomly saw Angie when I was wondering around the Sizzix Big Shot Marketing area (woohoo Stampin' Up! What a great area to branch into!!!) and we took a photo together. She also gave me some great business advice! Thanks Angie!

So Angie and I are walking together and guess who comes up to talk to Angie? Dawn Griffith !!! Anyway they apparently know each other and they were such a hoot to watch interact. I think between the 3 of us we definitely had more energy than normal humans should!!! :) It was great to meet her as well but I think meeting her with Angie helped ease my celeb-blogger anxiety.

And of course our brand new blogger, the cofounder and CEO of Stampin' Up Shelli Gardner! I was so lucky to get a picture with her! As I walked up to her she said 2 more pictures so I was really happy that I got in there in just the nick of time! I was hoping to get one with her at regionals but someone said that she doesn't attend every regional so I was hoping for an opportunity at my first convention! What a special photo for me to have! Her blog just went live Sunday and it is so CUTE!!! Go check it out by clicking on her name. Isn't she super photogenic? I look so silly next to her!

Anyway more pics to come soon...I gotta get one up of my awesome roomies!!! (Hi Michelle, Vil & Sheri! Miss you gals already!)

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